HD Q Pac Coalescing Media

HD Q pak coalescing media is a standard feature of high performance oil water separators. While PVC construction is the standard and most popular, we also provide media types tailored to your project. Flopak is offered for retro-fitting existing steel or concrete tanks, API separators, TPI separators, CPI separators, slant rib coalescers as well as replacement of your old media and improving the performance of older or non-coalescing separation systems for both above and below grade applications.
Effluent outlet performance can be designed down to 5 mg/L free & dispersed, non-emulsified oils droplets.

HD Qpak Media

HD-Q Pac

Polypropylene HD-Q pac

HD Q pak media features

Media Summary Specification:

  1. Available construction:
    • Polypropylene
  2. Available Plate spacing: 1/4"

  3. Standard piece dimensions:
    12" X 12" X 12"

  4. Surface area:
    • 1/4": 132 ft2/ft3
  5. Temperature ratings
    • Polypropylene:  185 deg F

Specification: Combining high surface area with maximum number of redirection points per cubic foot, cross flow media facilitates superior treatment performance.