Tiltpak Coalescing Media

The TPI Series tilted plate interceptor coalescing media packs are designed per API-421 1st Edition, February 1990, Section 4 Parallel Plate Separators. This design is based on a 60 micron oil droplet size with an expected performance of 50 mg/L or less. The TPI media pack design is provided for use in TPI oil water separator designs. TPI plate pack can be used in tanks designed for a 45º - 60º angle range and a plate spacing of 0.75-1.5". Pan America provides its flat plate or Wave PlateTM TPI pack which allows more surface area per plate pack footprint than a standard flat plate pack. TPI media packs are offered with and without 304 SS media frame.

Tiltpak Media

Tilt Pak

Tilted Plate Coalescer

Tiltpak media features

Media Summary Specification:

  1. Available construction:
    • FRP       (Wave PlateTM)
    • PVC      (flat plate)
    • CPVC    (flat plate)
  2. Available Plate spacing:
    3/4", 1"& 1.5"

  3. Available plate thickness:1/8"

  4. Pack dimensions: variable depending on oil specific gravity, flow rate and plate spacing

  5. Surface area:
    • Variable based on flow & oil specific gravity
  6. Temperature ratings
    • PVC:        140º F
    • CPVC:      180º F
    • FRP:         180º F or more

Solids & TPI Packs: The TPI separator design is recommended for applications where high solids loadings are expected. The TPI design can handle solids better than higher performance coalescing designs.
Pan America always recommends pre-settling solids prior to all coalescing separators as a rule so that the oil separator equipment will function at peak performance as coalescing separators are first and foremost designed as oil water separators. As a rule, if significant solids loading is expected a 60º plate angle should be used in order to exceed the angle of repose of most solids and improve solids movement.